Upload content to CardanoSpace

It's easier than ever.

  1. Make your metadata (read here how)
  2. Submit metadata in the form below. Click Upload metadata
  3. You now see a wallet address + an amount of ADA.
  4. Use Daedalus to send your CSpace NFTs + the ADA to the address.
    (The service costs 1 ADA, the remainder is sent back together with your NFTs)
  5. Wait for the CardanoSpace NFTs & ADA to return to your wallet.
  6. Witness cardanospace.com automatically update (~2min).
  7. Tweet a screenshot! Let the world know about CardanoSpace. 🛰

Something not working? Join our Discord and post in the #support channel. If you include a CardanoScan link to your transaction, we can help you quickly. 🛰

Note: if you click Upload metadata above and nothing happens, there's an error in your metadata. It's most likely a missing }, or a " that turned into a .

You can find the error by copy+pasting your metadata into JSON linter!