Upload content to CardanoSpace

  1. Prepare the content you want to show on CardanoSpace into metadata (how)
  2. Submit this metadata in the form below. Make sure to click the Upload metadata button!
  3. Use Daedalus to send your CardanoSpace NFTs + the shown ADA to the wallet address shown on the screen.
    (The service costs 1 ADA, the remainder is sent back together with your NFTs)
  4. Wait for the CardanoSpace NFTs & ADA to return to your wallet.
  5. Witness cardanospace.com automatically update!
  6. Show your friends your newly updated piece of CardanoSpace 🛰

Note: if you click Upload metadata above and nothing happens, there's an error in your metadata. It's most likely a missing }, or a " that turned into a .
You can find the error by copy+pasting your metadata into JSON linter!