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What's the pricing?

The price is 96 ADA per coordinate. This is a flat price. There are no tiers.

Why do I need to submit my email to get a purchase link?

It's an anti-bot measure. CNFT projects have seen insane traffic lately, leading to disappointing drops. For a big part this was likely caused by bot attacks. We hope to prevent that this way.

Can I buy more than one NFT with the same purchase link?

Yes! You can do this in two ways:

  • Make 1 purchase, but get a larger grid. For instance, you can buy a 3x3 grid for a total of 9 NFTs. Their location on will be random, but they'll all be together.

  • Make multiple purchases after one another. In this case, each individual purchase will give a different, random location on

How come a part of CardanoSpace is already filled?

We've had five smaller pre-sale waves during which we sold 33% of the 10,000 coordinates.

What is CardanoSpace?

Each square on is an NFT!

If you own a CardanoSpace NFT, you can choose what to show on your virtual real estate on CardanoSpace:

  • The image that your square displays
  • The URL that your square links to when you click the image
  • The message that we show on hover of the image