Register for Wave 5 of the sale

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The sale is next Monday.

How does this work?

The CardanoSpace sale works different than what you're used to.

Rather than queuing up at a given point in time and praying to the server gods, you pre-register with your email here.

On the day of the sale we send out private purchase links. You'll have 3 hours to use it, so you can purchase at your leisure.

We send out a limited amount of links. Whether you receive a link depends on your place on the pre-registration list. The earlier you pre-register, the more likely you'll get a chance to buy CardanoSpace!

When is the sale and when will I get my link?

The sale starts July 26th; times to be announced

That's when you receive the link if you've made the cut! You then get 3 hours to purchase.

We'll let you know a day before the sale whether you've made the cut, so you can get ready!

I bought during a previous Wave, but I want to buy more. Do I need to pre-register again?

Yes! You need to pre-register again. Welcome back πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

What's the pricing going to be?

The price is 96 ADA per coordinate.

Why? It’s the last pricing tier we reached during the beta.

This is a flat price, so it's not necessary to try to be the quickest to buy! There are no tiers.

Can I buy more than one NFT?

Yes! You can buy multiple NFTs in two ways:

  • Make 1 purchase, but buy a larger grid. For instance, you can buy a 3x3 grid for a total of 9 NFTs. Their location on will be random, but they'll all be together.
  • Make multiple purchases (the link will continue working for 3 hours). In this case, each individual purchase will give a different, random location on

Will all NFTs be sold during the sale?

Nope! We're doing the sale in waves. Each wave a limited amount of space will become available.

What's the philosophy behind this system?

We believe the way we're buying NFTs could be better.

In order to get a cool NFT, you need to be lucky 3 times:

  1. You need to know about the project.
  2. You need to have zero other obligations at the time of sale. Have to work? Bad luck!
  3. You need to get a spot early in line, which is a matter of luck and praying to the server gods. If you're unlucky, your price is much higher and you might be waiting for hours.

This also incentives bots to get in as early as possible and scoop up NFTs before everyone else gets a chance.

To fix this, we're doing two key things differently:

Pricing: flat. No crazy price disparities between early (lucky) and later (unlucky) buyers. So you can take your time!

Timing: the sale will happen in multiple waves over the course of a few weeks, to accomodate people in different timezones, or who may have missed the project or the pre-registration. Didn't pre-register early enough to buy a space in the first wave? You'll be invited to join the next moment as well!

What is CardanoSpace?

Each square on is an NFT!
If you own an NFT, you can choose what to show on CardanoSpace:

  • The image that your square displays
  • The URL that your square links to when you click the image
  • The message that we show on hover of the image