CardanoSpace is a long-term NFT project

This isn’t a “mint, sell, done”.

CardanoSpace is a living, breathing community hub, of lasting value to the Cardano ecosystem.

There are so many cool things to add, extend and improve. So we’ll continue development, adding features and improvements both useful as well as plain fun.

Here are our planned features, ordered as roadmap activations that we’ll start working on at certain sale points.

We really hope we get to build all of these, because (in our very humble opinion 😏) some of them are epic and will unlock totally new ways of how the community interacts with CardanoSpace.

Roadmap activations

These are the feature sets we'll start development on once a milestone has been reached. Stretch goals, basically.

Note that the activations aren’t set in stone.

If the community calls for a change in the order of things, or comes up with amazing new ideas that we need to add, we'll adjust accordingly. We’ll listen to feedback and work on what’s most important at any given time.

30% sold

We've reached this milestone 🥳 so these features are currently in development!

Main focus for the 30% activation is improving the usability of your space, and extending what you can do with it.

A. Block link

This feature is live 🥳!

With block link, when your space is larger than a 1x1, you can change it as a whole.

For instance, say you have a 5x5. Currently that's a hassle as you'll need to change the metadata for each coordinate individually.

With block link, you can simply take one large picture—no need for sharding into pieces anymore. You’ll also only have to specify one text message and one URL, and they’ll be applied to the whole block.

B. Owner display

Allows you to make your Cardano wallet address visible on mousehover. (Optional.)

C. Metadata protocol add-ons

We’ll extend the protocol so that, if you want to, you can attach more data to your space (all on-chain):

  • Twitter verification, so neighbors/buyers can get in touch
  • Github verification
  • SpaceBudz link, so your space can be a home for your Budz

Once the SpaceBudz link is ready, we can of course extend this to any other NFT project as requested by the community.

50% sold

The 50% activation focuses on making CardanoSpace an even more fun, weird and interesting corner of the internet.

A. The Interstellar Communication System

We won’t spoil too much… But the ICS allows CardanoSpace neighbors to interact with and stand out from one another.

The ICS revolves around the TDRS, Holographic, Radiant and Sonic traits. Black holes get a special role as well 😏

B. Completely mobile-friendly

We’ll always make sure CardanoSpace is “mobile-acceptable” at least, but after the 50% activation we’ll make a special effort so that it’s truly nice.

C. /explore with complete combinatorial filtering and search

Right now is rudimentary. Here, we’ll introduce full search and filtering on all types, traits and artwork.

(By the way, if you’re looking for rarity charts, these are already available on Discord!)

70% sold

The 70% activation represents CardanoSpace’s coming of age. It makes it a more versatile platform, enhances for-profit use.

A. Quadrants and arbitrary subspace URLs

Right now there’s only one URL to access CardanoSpace with, and it serves up the full 100x100 grid:

Quadrants will just 25%.

For instance, would give you the top-left quadrant, the top-right, etc.

This creates local neighborhoods, and makes it less of an issue if your space is below the fold (for instance if you want to use it commercially).

Similarly, arbitrary subspace URLs allow you to create URLs that are pre-zoomed in on any rectangular subspace.

B. Embeds

With embeds, anyone can embed CardanoSpace on any website (or perhaps physical display). Embeds also work for a quadrant, or for an arbitrary subpsace.

(Thanks for this idea, Fahadouken!)

C. Slick design and UI overhaul

At this point it’s probably worth it to re-do the UI, taking into account all the feedback and ideas so far.

100% sold

The 100% activation is about unlocking what’s possible with smart contracts. We kept it for last, because it will still take a while before these are available anyways.

In addition, the 100% activation brings one particular feature that, while epic, is a lot of work for what’s arguably a not much more than a gimmick. So we kept it for last!

A. Smart contract integration

Even though the core on-chain functionality of CardanoSpace doesn’t require smart contracts, they would add some cool things.

There's a lot of stuff we could do, but we'll at least develop two:

  • One with which you can rent out our space in a permissionless way
  • One that allows your space to be dependent on community votes

We’re sure new amazing ideas will surface over the next months, and we’ll add these to the list.

B. Time machine mode

All changes to CardanoSpace are on-chain, and all data is hosted on IPFS. That means it’s possible to look back any particular point in time, and replay how CardanoSpace has developed.

We’re 99% sure this will be a lot of friggin’ work, and most likely engineering hell. So it is with slight reluctance that we’re making this committment.

Primarily though, time machine mode would be EPIC. So let’s get it! 🚀