Change your space on CardanoSpace

Here's how to use the on-chain functionality

Yes, you can do this even before smart contracts go live 😎

How it works is scans the blockchain for transactions of your CardanoSpace NFTs (a.k.a. Coordinates).

It then uses the metadata of the last transaction to determine which image to display, which URL to link to, and which message to show.

This pages takes you through how to do it. If you run into any issues, feel free to hammer the #support channel over at our Discord and we'll help you out!


Prepare metadata that complies with the following specification:

  "909": {
    "CardanoSpaces": ["AA69", "AA70", "AB69", "AB70"],
    "url": "",
    "msg": "for rent contact:",
    "img": "ipfs://QmeZ2okWruS7ob4K9EWZwdFUgXqtgbgiJC7cWyz7gpczNh"

Then use our upload service to transmit the metadata.


  1. Prepare the image you want to display - each Coordinate can display a 10x10 pixel image, so if you own a 5x5 grid you can combine your Coordinates to showcase a 50x50 pixel image. For best results, scale down your image to this size. For demonstration purposes, we're going to use the cover image of Garm's disseration scaled down to a 50x50 pixel image:
  2. Make this image available via IPFS. We recommend uploading all your images using this tool - it's really straight forward!
  3. Prepare your metadata, strictly following the specification below.
      "909": {
        "CardanoSpaces": ["AE44", "AF44", "AG44", "AH44", "AI44", "AE45", "AF45", "AG45", "AH45", "AI45", "AE46", "AF46", "AG46", "AH46", "AI46", "AE47", "AF47", "AG47", "AH47", "AI47", "AE48", "AF48", "AG48", "AH48", "AI48"],
        "url": "",
        "msg": "Co-creator of Cardanospace (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧",
        "img": "ipfs://QmbnXNRK1sENuRrvp3pvrGtqhEB6AE7rbkYwQj7cbJpZHi"
  4. It's best to use a simple text editor to do this. Not something like Word. The reason is that the " symbols need to be exactly ". Word sometimes changes them to symbols like ”.
  5. You can check whether it's all correcty by copy+pasting this into JSON linter, which will show you the error if there is one.

Once your metadata is ready, send it to the blockchain using our upload service!

See your changes on!

🐌 it can take a while to process, although if nothing shows up after 20 minutes please get in touch!


Show off your on-chain customized part of cardanospace to all your friends offline & online 🪐

Questions, feedback or ideas? We'd love to hear them!

But wait, I need to use your upload service? Can't I just send the NFTs to myself and add the metadata?

Yes—but it's not easy.

Currently no Cardano wallet (like Yoroi or Daedalus) supports adding metadata, so you'll need to do it manually with cardano-cli.

Not long ago, that was the only way to use CardanoSpace. But it turned out to be too cumbersome for most CardanoSpace residents (save for a couple of absolute warriors who went through the whole process!) That's why we built the upload service.

Due to some technical difficulties we also temporarily disabled support for the manual, cardano-cli way. We'll add that again soon. (But let us know if you want it now, and we'll do it ASAP!)

With the upload service, it does mean that using CardanoSpace is not 100% decentralized right now. But that's temporary. As soon as Daedalus or Yoroi support adding metadata, we won't need to do it like this anymore :)!