Change your space on CardanoSpace

Here's how to use the on-chain functionality

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Prepare metadata that complies with the following specification:

  "909": {
    "CardanoSpaces": ["AA69", "AA70", "AB69", "AB70"],
    "url": "",
    "msg": "for rent contact:",
    "img": "ipfs://QmeZ2okWruS7ob4K9EWZwdFUgXqtgbgiJC7cWyz7gpczNh"

Then use our upload service to transmit the metadata.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Get IPFS link for your image

You can do this in two ways:

A. Using an existing NFT

This is the easiest way. You just copy-paste the existing IPFS link of the NFT image (which you can find by clicking on it in your wallet):

Only take the last part of the IPFS url, and put ipfs:// in front of it.

For instance if the image is on:


then your IPFS link becomes:


That's it!

B. Using your own picture

With your own picture it's almost the same, except you need to upload your picture to IPFS first.

We recommend uploading your image using this tool.

Again, only take the last part of the IPFS url, and put ipfs:// in front of it. (See above for example.)

There's no size limit anymore. You can use any size you want :)

Step 2: Make your metadata

Include the IPFS link you just made, together with your message, a URL, and a list of the CardanoSpace coordinates you own, in a piece of code that looks exactly like this:

  "909": {
    "CardanoSpaces": ["AE44", "AF44", "AG44", "AH44", "AI44", "AE45", "AF45", "AG45", "AH45", "AI45", "AE46", "AF46", "AG46", "AH46", "AI46", "AE47", "AF47", "AG47", "AH47", "AI47", "AE48", "AF48", "AG48", "AH48", "AI48"],
    "url": "",
    "msg": "Co-creator of Cardanospace (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧",
    "img": "ipfs://QmbnXNRK1sENuRrvp3pvrGtqhEB6AE7rbkYwQj7cbJpZHi"

It really needs to look exactly like this, or else it won't work.

The 909 needs to be there, the "'s need to be there, etc.

It's best to use a simple text editor to do this. Not something like Word. The reason is that the " symbols need to be exactly ". Word sometimes changes them to symbols like .

For an extra correctness check, you can copy+paste this into JSON linter, which will check for some errors.

Step 3: Use the upload service

Once your metadata is ready, send it to the blockchain using our upload service!

Show off your on-chain customized part of cardanospace to all your friends offline & online 🪐

Questions, feedback or ideas? We'd love to hear them!