About the beta presale

What's a beta presale?

CardanoSpace is still under development, but we’re already selling a limited amount of NFTs while the system is in beta.

This will last for a couple of weeks, leading up to the main sale. During those weeks we’re slowly adding more and more users to CardanoSpace on an invite basis.

Why we’re doing a beta period

Most CNFT projects launch all at once. But this hasn’t always led to the highest quality, sometimes leading to post-release dissapointment. We want to prevent that.

Also, CardanoSpace isn’t a static art collection. It has a lot of moving parts!

To properly test the system while we’re developing, and to be able to get an idea of how people will use it in practice, being in beta for a while allows us to have realistic test users that give feedback and spot bugs.

This way we hope to make sure that when the main sale starts, the system works well, all the important features are there, and the sales process is smooth!

Can I join the beta?

For the beta, we’re prioritizing:

  • Stake pool operators ⚙️
  • NFT creators 🎨

Two reasons:

First, our goal for CardanoSpace is to be firmly rooted within our community.

So while we believe in a fair launch, we also want to make sure that the main drivers of the Cardano ecosystem can get on CardanoSpace!

Second, one of our primary use cases is for NFT projects and SPOs to promote and showcase their work.

As these are also folks that know the workings of the Cardano blockchain well, they’re the perfect power users to test the system with.

I’m an SPO or NFT creator. How do I join?

DM us on Twitter and we’ll get you an invite! 📩

With the invite, you can make one purchase.

The UX is still rough around the edges, not everything works yet, and you may run into bugs 👩‍🚀

Please share your feedback, try all of the features, and join the Discord to discuss bugs, progress, experiences and ideas!

What’s the beta presale pricing?

During the beta, we’re following the CardanoBits model:

  • First 10% – ₳12 per Coordinate
  • Second 10% – ₳24 per Coordinate
  • Third 10% – ₳36 per Coordinate
  • Fourth 10% – ₳48 per Coordinate
  • Fifth 10% – ₳60 per Coordinate
  • Sixth 10% – ₳72 per Coordinate
  • Seventh 10% – ₳84 per Coordinate
  • Eight 10% – ₳96 per Coordinate
  • Ninth 10% – ₳108 per Coordinate
  • Last 10% – ₳120 per Coordinate

And so on.

We’ve designated a maximum of 2500 Coordinates for the beta, so the price increases with every 250 Coordinates sold.

Note that this is just the beta pricing model. Main sale pricing we haven’t decided yet!

Will the beta presale affect the main sale?

Nope! After the beta, we want a launch that’s as fair as possible so everyone has a chance to get some of that space 🌌

We’ve limited the beta to 2500 Coordinates at max, so there will be at least 7500 Coordinates available.

We’ll also reset the pricing. Note, however, that we’re not sure yet what the main sale pricing model will be. It might be completely different from the beta presale.

I’m not an SPO or NFT creator. Can I join the beta?

Every now and then we open up additional spots, for instance through promotional raffles. Keep an eye out on Twitter and Discord if you’re interested!

Please be patient, though 😁

Love love love the enthousiasm, but we really want to the time for this. And no worries, there will be plenty of space left in the main sale! 🪐✨